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Get to know Amelia

Hi, I'm Amelia, Founder of Healing by Designs.

Healing by Designs was created when I realized how much Human Design and Reiki had shifted my own life and I desired to share that with the world.

And just like you, I like my life to feel effortless!

Human Design has helped me shift into living a life in true alignment with who I am designed and desire to be.

And Reiki! Well, this is where my magic gets activated. Reiki helps keep me energetically balanced and this allows my natural magic to flow through me effortlessly.  It is where my increasing healthy glow comes from!⠀

I mean, really babes, what's not to love?

Follow along on our journey here @healingbydesigns

I live in Banff, AB (Canada) deep in the Canadian Rocky Mountains.  There are stunning mountain views from every window in my house and the wilderness is literally steps from my front door.  Banff is truly a beautiful and special corner of the earth and I am truly blessed to be able live so close to the wild.  I spend a lot of time outside and am happiest in the wilderness.  I love to do all of the mountain activities, I drink tea (and coffee but mostly tea), I meditate daily, I love a juicy Yin yoga class, there is always music playing in my house and I am obsessed with ramen.

See you soon, babes!

With love,

Amelia xoxo

Amelia Lehmann Reiki Practitioner, Human Design Reader, Energy Coach

My Approach

My lifelong connection with energy work is what allows the magic that exists naturally within me to flow easily. I believe that everyone is magic, and just needs to unlock their power. My journey into Human Design and Reiki has helped me create a big, beautiful, aligned life.

It’s my mission to create a meaningful impact for other women in the world, so that they can embrace their own power and help others.
We are all magic, some of us have just misplaced ours and need a little help finding it again and I am here to help you do just that, so that you too can live a big beautiful life.

What is energy healing?
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